The Blog

In the late of 2009, I was introduced to a blogging world and the people who is responsible to bring me in this virtual blog is a best friend of mine, Ummu Athirah.

At first, blogging is just a hobby and a place where I can do my creativity with no limit. Changing the templates every week is a normal thing to me. But after few more months I tame myself with the blogging world, I realize that the passion for writing is really sparkling inside me.

And now its been years I tame myself with the blogging world but I just change my URL to wordpress. So there’s nothing much in my archives. I start everything from the scratch and now I am focusing on some topics to be discussed in my blog.

Generally I write about my personal life and thoughts about some topics that has something to do with me or people around me. Besides, I also love to write about fashion tips and make up. I love fashion and I’m so into it. I try my best to look good and courteous as a hijabi.

As a Muslim girl, I also have a passion to write something about my religion which is Islam. I am not a perfect musleema but I am striving to be one of them. If I know some knowledge, I would love to share it with the readers here so that we can benefits from it.

Last but not least, I hope the readers here can benefits something from my blog or at least you can get unwind laughing at my grammars here. -__-

Till then.


XoxoxO Moots


1 thought on “The Blog”

  1. I found your blog through your comment on A Beautiful Mess’ blog, and I love both!! I’ve got a handful of Polaroid cameras for sale, if you’re interested. I can email you photos if you like.

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