Everytime when I lay down on my bed, I always have a creative imagination. Sometimes I imagine myself as a lizard when I saw one on the wall. Sometimes I imagine myself if I have the power to fly with my own wings; visiting all the beautiful places without spending any dollars for the ticket, and suddenly what will happened if there’s a big storm while I’m on the cloud, flying. Okay, I rather buy tickets then. 

I was thinking what will happened if I were a boy. You know, born as a girl is priceless. Well, for a minute I put myself inside the boys shoes.

Born as a boy, I need to surrender a lot. I need to go to Friday prayers while my sister eat lunch first at home (because mom didn’t finish preparing meals before I go to the mosque) I need to perform khatan and I guess its hurt a lot.

I need to carry heavy things and always need to offer a hand to the ladies. Give my seat to them, open the door for them, basically, I can’t be selfish and always been reminded with that quote ‘ladies first’ *smh*

When it comes to marriage, I need to work die die die hard to get a lot of money because my future wife’s friends has a gorgeous wedding dress, and her neighbour’s has a beautiful fondant wedding cake. Not to mention her cousin’s cousin has a lovely wedding ring. In short, I must understand that my future wife is giving hints for a big wedding and I need to pay it all. Well, at least I’m happy to see her smile-from-ear-to-ear, even though my bank account is close to negative.

After I get married, I wish my girlfriend-now-called-wifey can change my life to a whole next level. Of course I have promised to take care of her for my whole life, but it would also be very great if I can wake up to a beautiful wife next to me, the one who can prepare my breakfast, my clothes, remind me of important things; after I sacrificed thousand dollar on the wedding. Hahahhaa.

On top of that, as a husband I need to carry my responsibilities towards my wife; my own family and also in-laws. For wife, I have to buy groceries, pay her bills as well as mine, loans etc. Not to mention if we have kids. And also she always need to restock her makeups, her shawls need to have a suitable dresses and jeans, her heels should be matching with her new dresses. Oh, not to forget her toiletries; 5 different brands for hair, 6 different bottles for her face and her lotions with varieties of flavors for different kind of moods. Just because I am a man, I need to pay all these and if I don’t, then it will be considered as NO LOVE.

With that kind of spending, I probably used up all my 30 days salary in only 1 single-reluctant-day. 

So what’s my wife’s doing with her salary? Why she has no consideration at all? I pay for the wedding, I pay for her bills, I drive her to works….and she expects me to understand her when she throws tantrums during her periods. Nonsense. I even buy her pads tho. 

Buying her pads? Oh, I need pads too. Hahahahahaha being so emotional and I almost forget that I am a woman, too.

After a few minutes inside the boys shoes, now I understand how hard and tough being a man is. Then I know why Allah choose them to be our leader. Why we need to obey to them. At the same time, I am so thankful that I was born as a woman. And, I promise I will hand-in-hand with my man to face this super expensive life. Went to speedmart with RM 10, going out with only 1 item.

My sad life.