Hi gaiss…

It’s been a year since my last last time on wordpress. Please expect the next post on the next coming years too hahaha..

So far, life is good and I can say I am more better than the last year. I lost weight a bit, it’s okay to achieve my-2008-newyear-resolutions-in-2015

I have a new boyfriend; the last one in this life, hopefully.

I live in a new house, meet many new friends and have a very great environment. 

Besides, I travel frequently as compared to last year. I have good girly times as well.

I changed Miss Moots to Miss Mootsabella, Mootsabelle, Mootsabella. Identity crisis much. As suggested by my friend, just stick to this blog, so I am here again! I’m about to create a new blog, but wordpress really impress me so I have no other choice; just stick with this one. 

My clients (makeup) is just so-so. Well, I don’t focus much on that, so I expect less on that too. 

I have a new job. And also offered a newest job as well. Alhamdulillah, He makes things easier for me on that, but harder on the things that I desire a lot. I take things with a positive mind. He always has a good plan for all of us, so don’t make so much noise la.

In case if you wonder how do I look like in 2015, here you go.

Shine bright like a face job. Thanks to the iphone’s filter. So flawless. Hahahaa.

Till then.