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The hardest thing in life is to stand up after you fall.

This is just a random post. But this is what exactly has happened to everyone of us.

The thing is how you react after you fall down, either you choose to cry or to try again.

I planned to cut my weight to 40s from 50s but it seems as hard as reaching the sky. I do admit I gave up a lot. The more I choose to have a good diet, the more I eat KFC.

But then I realize those successful people don’t earn what they have today as easy as ABC. They fall, they hurt, they cry….. then they stand up and fight without giving up.

We, the unsuccessful people, rather than put more effort on work and hardship, we tend to become weak, shameful and pathetic.

Let’s reflect for a better future. Get rid of those pathetic minded. Remove all negative vibes. Less discuss about others. Can we?

Yes, we can.

If we are not giving up to be a better person.