Hello everybody! 

I just want to congratulate all the women on this earth for being a woman. Well, being a woman is just a good fortune to me and I am extremely happy and so thankful for that.

Being a woman means that you can do so many things without fear. You can walk in a pair of high heels and smile. You can carry a baby in your womb and being excused to carry heavy things. You are allowed to have extra large closet as compared to your brothers or husband…and most importantly, you are your children’s favorite.  *___*

No matter where you are right now, I wish you to have a happy life and being treated like a princess. If nobody treat you like a princess, at least allow yourself to be treated like one. 

Never allow people to hurt you, put your life in a miserable state and never ever give up on love. 

I hope all the girls out there will stay strong and always keep their heads up. We girls, we deserve a happiness.