I am just 22 years old and people around me always freakin me out like I am 28 years or so. Mom, relatives, friends, strangers. Everybody is questioning me when I will get married?

Most of them think I am in a relationship or at least there’s a ‘so-called lucky’ man that wins my heart. All their impressions towards me making it more worst. My saham jatuh when they quickly judge me that I am taken by someone else….and they don’t even try to hello me.

Some of them just scrolling down my page and think that I might have a high taste and fussy. Judge…judge…judge…. They simply make a final conclusion about me when they look at my pictures, which is obviously being edited and make me look like a mini Barbie. Camera 360 and technology.

Why people why? Don’t you believe in destiny? The qada and qadar. Relax brader I am too young for things like that. When the time is right, I will for sure. Then if I want to declare in-a-relationship every time and break up when troubles come, I bet my real soul mate will be the 100th man in my life. Hahaha.

So I make a decision to be cool with everybody, getting to know each other and if we really like each other, we will quickly get married. No time for dating.

And people please don’t question me anymore about a life partner. I have too many things to do in my life, making money, getting back a beautiful baby skin, finish my study, buy assets and gadgets and makeups… See. I have so many more things to do and to achieve in my life. And everytime you meet me, the only question is when I want to end up my single life..and stuck in marriage problems. Not yet people. Not yet.

Well, I am not mad. i just want to make things clear. Sit down and relax everybody.