Wheeeeee! Its time to travel again. Travel is heavenly good and packing time can make the journey perfecto!

I love packing but unpacking is yucks! Well we girls don’t have to worry about that. Have you ever heard girls rule? Well, if we aren’t in reality, there’s no sin to act like one… even in your own fantasy.

So well what Im gonna share here is my personal makeup-hygiene-comfy things thats gonna complete my vacation time.

Here are the things that I carry along in my travel kit bag.

Too much to bring but too lost to leave.

#number one

If you are planning to grill yourself under the hot sexy sunny day, I strongly suggest you to get these two compulsory things.

This sunplay sunblock with spf 130 is the answer to avoid yourself from being a helpless victim of the sun.
The fruit of earth, aloe vera, is another savior. Its able to cooling and comforting your skin after being over boiling under the sun. Aloe vera helps to moisturize the skin and curing the sunburn.

#number two

Make up necessary. It depends on people. Some of you only need mascara, some can only do with a lipbalm. Anyways, make it as least as possible.

To still look fresh and alive, my make up do help me a lot! I only bring my most needed make up and gotta be sure its as tiny as possible. Foundation, compact powder, eyebrow liner, eyeliner, mascara, blusher, lips gloss are the most things I use frequently and most needed things in my life.

#number three

Travel pack. You just need mini stuffs on-the-go. Deoderant and perfume is a must. Because your smell describes you!

#number four

In case if I have time….

#number five

My contact lense. I don’t need that funny glasses on my travelling. Be sure the eye solution is a very mini in size as possible.

#number six

If you’re going for a long trip on the plane or bus, dont forget to bring along your travel comfy pillow… and as for me, my luxury satin pillow is really cushioning and comforting my sleep during the journey.

And I put all these together in one bag. Its easier to find and sectioning them all.

Happy travelling!