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Oh well. Since I was born until today, I feel so glad that I am a girl. I know many things about pampering life, skin or body.. which lipstick is better for which event… Things like that is already inside my hand.

But I think I know much about what women should know.

I, like seriously, never ever enjoy being in the kitchen. To be honest, I cannot differentiate the halia and lengkuas.

Until today, I know there are too much, like million more things I left behind.

The most awful thing is I have to shop for groceries alone and its only for the first time. My gegirls list me some ingredients and as I told them I don’t know how to cook, and they still expect me that I can buy all that.


Tomyam paste.

Not only that….

The memo is harder to understand, make me more appreciate Maths questions in my life!

Lengkuas. Ckit ja.

I was like…. babe seriously? The shape of that lengkuas also i dont know how it looks like.. then u ask me only a little?

Pasar. There must be everything at pasar. So I went there.

I was so excited. I had never been there alone. I feel so adult now. But suddenly I saw not less than eight cats walking around and some of them lepak2 in the middle of the street. CURSED!

I was fooled by the cats that I had to take a long way to go to a near shop. A very near shop.

Then the scene where I successfully embarrassing myself begin. I dont know how people buy the tomatoes. I asked the uncle if I can buy only two tomatoes according to what my gegirls listed on a paper. He nodded. But I still feel weird. Coming here too far for only two tomatoes? No way. I took six. Not too shame I think.

After that, I asked him if he sells lengkuas or not. He says yes. So I was like where…where…..where???  He smiled and he pointed out his finger. The lengkuas is right in front of me. Jeeeeeez.

Ok leave it. Now is bawang story. They said bawang besar and bawang kecil. No problemo because I never heard bawang sederhana in my life.. So I expect theres must be only two kind of bawang…

Problem arise when I see another kind of bawang. Where the hell this bawang holland exist??? Maybe from holland so why on earth you exist in Malaysia? You took my 10 mins to think whether should I put you in my basket or not. Because you look so alike like bawang besar. Grrrrrrr.

I keep shopping and shopping. Now I know. Shopping for groceries is never easy, or maybe to me only. I can shop mascara without anyone else explain to me the function or ingredients of that mascara. But for bawang and his friends, I feel zero and empty.

When I arrived, I called the gegirls to pick up the stuffs. They look at me, smiling with thousand of questions running on their minds. So do the rest that come to my room. They laughed. They think Im funny. I bought too much things…. because in case if you need it. 😉


The veggies I bought. I feel like buying flowers for Hari Guru .







There you go my bawang and halia.







To our lovely Nordini.

I wish you the warmest lovely birthday and may all your dreams come true. DREAM.BELIEVE.MAKE IT REALITY.

Stay strong. Keep your head up girl. And never give up. What you had chosen in your life, make it still. Never regret. Once in a lifetime, you might feel so down… so hurt…. so paralyze. But if you believe in yourself, you always realize that so many others got your back, keep supporting you and you must start question to yourself why you should give up…. while the rest put their trust on you.

Be a good girl. Be crazy. Be amazing. Be beautiful.
Never betray. Never hate. Never regret.

Clear your heart and mind. Delete those negative feelings and thinkings… install as many positive values as you can in your life. Trust me you’ll find the happiness.

May your 21 st birthday bring you thousand of happiness, million of hopes, and trillion of ways to unlock the dreams.

With love,