Last night, around 3 a.m.

I still awake, playing sudoku since tomorrow is holiday. As usual, every night I will sleep alone in this hostel room and I never have any problem with it… except when I desperately need to do a big/small investment in the toilet at night and a huge cat is sleeping on my shoe rack outside this room. I allergic to cats… sigh.  😦

So last night when Im so in the mood to play game, I heard like someone is trying to open my door. This lazy Moots will never take out the key from the door. She loves to let the key hanging at the door outside the room. And she still think its cool yo!

I was so scared la but I brave myself to check the door. For my biggest surprise, the second lock is not locked very well. Bagai lembu di hujung tanduk dah.  If someone tonggek at my door, he/she probably can go in.


I was very very lucky that night. The creature that try to enter my room is actually locking back my room because I dont lock the upper side…and actually he/she is almost in.. thanks Allah.

Hence this is a very important lesson and reminder to me and you guys. Don’t be lazy to double check your door before sleep. Always be careful no matter where you are. You might be in danger even in your own house… one more thing, dont forget to recite ayatul kursi before you sleep. InshaAllah you will be safe.