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Have you ever cross a day where you always want it to be healthy and super healthy?

For the past few days, I am getting paranoid to cut my weight. The more I resist foods, the more I desire them all. Cruel!

I can see my body expand a bit. (*~*)

So I try to consume a balance diet, adding on some fruits into the list. I just realize it’s been so long since my last time fruits moving in my digestive system.

I stare at the freeze for a long time. So much fruits in it but I don’t know which one is the best. As a diet freak, you at least must know what’s the nutrient inside all the foods that you’ve chewed.

And there you go!

Some of the reasons you must eat fruits.


After all, lets make the fruits as our bestfriend. Either eat it as a snack or juice it up…

Yesterday’s meal.

A healthy juice with an unhealthy food.


What a balance diet. LOL.