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Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah for everything that he gave to me. Good family, nice friends, great foods, amazing love, stunning heels, not-so-bad attitude… Well, my room is clean now and I am less lazy than before. What an improvement there!

So yesterday I spent a quality time with my neighbor, my bestfriends. Miss S and Miss K. The two of them are so kind to me. They always visit me in my room, stalking me what I am doing..if I am sleeping, they will peacefully let me continue my sweet dream. If I am not sleeping, they will chat and entertain me.

I went accompany Miss S to get some of daun pisang for her friend yesterday. Her friend is participating a cook competition and he needs daun pisang. So my bestfriend help that friend to get the daun pisang, need to cross the road and passing by the bushes. See the sacrifice of a friend? It is not easy to find this kind of good friend and heyyy don’t you think I am one of the lucky one? 🙂


When Miss S go back home, she will call me whenever she passing by the pasar malam, asking if I need something from there. Obviously I don’t need anything because I don’t cook at my hostel (even at home) but that’s so nice of her! She knows how to steal a friend’s heart.

We took shower together yesterday ( of course in a different shower room ) . What’s so sweet about us is we keep on updating each other in the shower room.

Me: What are you doing?

Her: Shampoo. You?

Me: Brushing teeth. Are you almost done?

Her: Not yet.

Me: What’s left?

Her: Gosok gigi.

Me: Okay. Im done that. Now I am soaping my body. Wait me okay.

Her: Okay. Relax. Still have long way to go.

It’s cool when you have someone who can talk with even in the shower room. The feeling is like when you eat asam pedas..haha.

At night, we went to expo at the mall. They are soo sooo soooo kind. Walking with two of them feel like walking with big sisters who always be there for you. We’re holding hands in the crowd (bit gay here) and they do give good advices for me. I want to buy a hard disk and I wasn’t allowed by them as they said I will not use it. If I really use it, then I can buy. Usually when I hang out with other girls, they just allow me to do whatever I want.

Which one is better? For sure a real friend will give advice that bring benefits to you, not an advice that’s gonna satisfy you. Right? However, my other girls also are nice to me 🙂 sometimes annoying but most of the time, they are okay.

Miss S forcing me to sleep in her room as she notice I will be sleeping alone. I would love to but I also missing my bed. Well, I just clean my room with full heart. Sayanglah nak tinggal. Wait until it messed up again, then I will be in their room. Haha.

For all this while, I just see others that hurt me, annoy me. But I never sit back and be grateful for wonder persons around me. Just messing my mind with the haters attitude, but never clean my heart with the goodness of angels falling from heaven. A real friend is hard to find, and once you find them, keep them tight. Don’t hesitate to sacrifice.

Sacrifice make a bond becomes stronger.

Till then.