For those who don’t know where the fish I was hiding in the past few weeks, I was actually spending quality times exploring the life of a Navy.

Mom might think I am in a summer camp, hu-ha-hu-ha chilling here and there… Because she so rajin texted me and dropped some loves with her missed calls, expecting I took my phone everywhere I go during the military training.

In fact, I don’t even have a time to charge my phone battery.

Summer camp and Annual Continuous Training (ACT) are two different things. In ACT, we are more under pressure than leisure. We are being grilled under the hot sun, being sabotage by the people who want to prank us and think it’s funny enough…

Majority of us go home with the extreme sunburn skin, hoping parents still recognize their children and willing to open the door. We are so dark, none of us are excepted.

With this hilarious skin tone, I don’t think I can have a good time to go to the Ladies Guest Night, which will be held in just around the corner.

Yes, I should instruct myself sternly, stop being lazy and do something to heal this udang bakar skin.

Since I was soaked under the hot sun in Lumut for two weeks, why not if I pamper my skin sometimes. Skin also need my darling attention yo!

So I bought masks and pore strips to replenish and rejuvenate my skin. Konon.


Let’s hope my little investment on skin will worth it.