Hello 2013!

Yes I am still alive.

I am such a skin freak lately. My skin is so spoiled and I pamper them with vitamin C and sometimes I lotion-ing them.

My skin is a bit better than before.

But my happiness is not meant to be forever.

I need to attend a military training again and you can’t expect my activities will be like putting mascara on before going outside, sipping tea behind the beach or traveling like a glamourous vacation.

It is not like that at all.

I will be soaked roasted grilled under the hot lovely sexy sun. From morning till the dawn.

And I can say vitamin C is just a waste of time.

But I am not alone.

I have something to accompany me fighting against the jealous sun.


Sunplay spf 130. What more I can ask. This baby will help to protect me all day long while on the training. Thank God I can have super block baby to show some love to my skin.

Be good to me okay.

Till then.