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Mom texted me. She asked me if I still having a fever. I was ill after I came back from camping the past three weeks. After those three weeks, she still worried. 🙂

I was like… Why you asking again? It’s been so long. I’m fine. I just don’t expect a mother will still care about her 21 years young daughter. But she did. Because I probably will stop questioning my kids about their not-so-serious illness when they reach 18 and above.

I am lucky.

I am just kidding with mom that I’m craving for a durian. A fruit that only Malays think it smells so good and nice.

She turned out to be soooo excited to bring me the king of fruits. She asked me what time I can meet her blablabla…… And I told her that I can’t wait for tomorrow. She said ‘dream it first tonight. Tomorrow I’ll wait the durian luruh and I will go send it for my anak kesayangan’. How’s sweeeet!

And the day after, she came for a visit.

With this…



She asked me for how many person she should bring the durian. I said three persons in the room but for my stomach goodness, I reserve two. She replied ‘hahaha macam Math yang umi ajar masa akak darjah 6. Jawapannya 4 la kan.

I’m sooo happy! I suddenly remember my ‘spoiled child‘ title given by my old friends. Every body think I am anak emak. Spoiled kid. I get used to it btw.

I am really spoiled kid. I really don’t do anything productive at home. So I can’t blame anyone for calling me being spoiled. Only the spoiled is the lazy one and didn’t do anything.

Yet I am trying my best to be an independent woman. I go back to my house by bus. Something I reckon that I can be very proud of……and maybe the only thing I can afford to do LOL.