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I am doing ‘A Month Without Rice’ campaign.

So I google-ing celebrities with a good figure for inspiration.

And what makes me surprise is….

Shakira has a similar height and weight as mine! But why do we look sooooo far from similar in shape? She’s lean and curvy while I am on the other hand.


Not exactly the same. I’m a bit taller and my weight is fluctuate. Sometimes it can be 54.5 kg and sometimes it’s rocketedly increase to 56. Mostly 54 kg.

I need to be in a good shape.

By hook or by crook.

I am too young to look like a mother of five.

And I figure out how to achieve my goal instead of my ‘A Month Without Rice’ campaign.

Tips : Curving Your Body

When you’re trying to build a “hot” body, the best way to do it is through a combination of strength training and cardio. That is how Shakira did it, and it’s how every other sexy Hollywood scarlet has done it as well.

However, despite this fact, the majority of women DO NOT perform weight training simply because they believe that it will give them bulky and unattractive muscles. They believe that strength training will make them look like those professional bodybuilders on stage when in reality, it will just give them a really hot body.

Another important thing to do is to do cardio since this will help you burn fat and will help you reveal your curves even more.

But also, remember that you have to watch your diet. There is literally no amount of exercise in the world that you can do to reverse the effects of a bad diet. If you’re sitting on your couch eating pizza and cupcakes all day, then you’re going to end up looking like a cupcake. It’s really that simple.

Since I have good supporters to accompany me to the Sport Center every evening, I prefer Cardio.

For those of you who don’t get the idea of cardio, it is actually like you’re involved in an activity that raises your heart rate to a level where you’re working, but can still talk.

The benefits of cardio

-It’s one way to burn calories and help you lose weight
-It makes your heart strong so that it doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood
-It increases your lung capacity
-It helps reduce risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes
-It makes you feel good
-It helps you sleep better or longer than ever
-It helps reduce stress

Here are the top cardio activities that I strongly suggest to you:

1) Running.
2) Swimming.
3) Aerobic.
4) Bicycling.
5) Elliptical trainer. Go find it at gym.
6) Walking.
7) Jumping rope.
8) Kickboxing.


I will start forcing myself to fall in love with carbo. There’ll be no other activity at evening except doing cardio….cardio….or sometime having a panda nap.