Recently, I am no longer able to wear my pants. I am not sure either I am getting fat or the pants are getting smaller.

I try to comforting my heart that the pants are stretching to smaller and tinier size due to washing machine effect…. But I also can’t lie to myself that I put on so much weight this week.

Two times eating ice creams everyday. Rice everyday. Evening long nap everyday. Nothing I did everyday that can help me to burn my fats. Everything seems to encouraging my body to get swollen.

But I can’t just stay calm when I’m just 21 years young. It’s too early to neglect my appearance… Too early maaaaan to look like errrrrrrrrrrrr.

So I proudly announce on my facebook that I will no longer taking rice or any carbo in my diet. I will consume more proteins and…. proteins.

Today is my second day without rice… I successfully work it out. But I think I eat even more fatty foods when I divorce with the carbo. My breakfast was KitKat. Lunch with tuna. And side dishes are ice cream, ice cream, cake and ice cream again.

I am no longer considering my diet to be a successful one. Dangggg!

Well, the rice is still a big no-no food.

I will try my best to stop taking rice and carbo in my daily diet.

I am currently making and trying to follow this 4 rules:
– no rice
– no sweet drink
– no evening long nap
– sports everyday


Wish me luck and pray that I can put my legs inside my pants again.