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I am a Facebook freak.

I can reply your messages faster in Facebook as compared to my phone inbox.

The thing about this Facebook is It is so addictive like a drug. No matter how much we say ‘Facebook is boring’ , we still log in into the Facebook and scroll for nothing.

Today, my bestfriend called me. Like always, I hard to pick up the phone.

Sometimes, it is because I’m not alert as I set my phone to silent mode since I have classes.

And most of the times, I don’t even rolling eyes on it. Well I guess all single ladies would do the same thing.


After reading this post, I immediately digging my handbag, searching for the phone. Well, I still wonder what’s inside my handbag… Stuff overloads and my phone is suffocating inside the bag. I really need to refresh my bag or buy a bigger handbag. Perhaps a luggage suits me well.

So everyone hits me on Facebook if you have an emergency. LOL.