We have plenty of amazing forests in Malaysia. Last weekend I went to Gunung Jerai. The 50th tallest mountain in peninsular Malaysia. Sounds not challenging right… but I am half die climbing up the mountain.Still a very long way to go, and I started to regret.We started the jorney at 11.50 a.m and it took three to four hours for us to arrive at our destination. I can feel my heartbeat shaking over vigorously.But the painful is gone right after we saw the signboard of the campsite. My friend and I scream loudly like we are on top of the MOUNT EVEREST. Seriously weh, penat gila.Here are the things that makes me wanna take back my ‘word of regret’. Seriously I was speechless and very impressed. At my first glance, I was like ‘kuch kuch hota hain’. Seriously the beautiful nature catch my heart and I am madly in love. Subhanallah!The water is gold-brownish. It’s not a contaminated water but it’s a mixture of mountain water and root trees along the mountain. I tasted it. It’s like air ginseng….or sugar free teh cina.After feeding our eyes with fabulous scenes on top of the mountain, we went to build up our tent. Like always, I get the VVIP service. My place is not inside a tent, but hey… they gave me a chalet. Cool huh? But the fact is living inside the chalet is much more cooler than inside the tent. I almost transform to be like a frozen fish, seriously!Mine.Theirs.And hey! There were a group of ladies whos trapped inside the bathroom. Poor them but hahaha I can’t stop laughing. Luckily I passed by the toilet or otherwise they’ll have their BBQ inside the toilet. So I go get some men to be the hero of the day.The BBQ night.After BBQ, we are served with a beautiful scenery of fireworks. Fireworks on top of the mountain… So romantic! And we walked to the end of the mountain, kind of a ravine. We all together lay down and watched the stars glimmering on the sky while hearing the sounds of dropping waterfall. The most amazing moment ever.The next day…We are separated and forming two groups.
1) the Great (going down the mountain by own legs)

2) the Loser (going down the mountain by van)

And of course I am in the group of the great! LOL.Walking down the mountain doesn’t consume so much time if you don’t stop at the RNR and play poker. We took only two hours for that. And it is not so suffering like the climbing up.

All in all, the place is so cool and a must place to go especially those who loves nature and serenity. It only cost RM 10 per head to go uphill and downhill by van. Return.

And if you plan to go there in a group, they have so many packages like abseiling, wall climbing, night walking etc. In case if you wanna go as a civilian and relaxing trip, its only cost RM 20 per head. The price includes campsite, transportation and 5x meals.Go green and enjoy the nature guys!

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