Do something new in your life, at least everyday. And I did.

Extreme sport is not my thing. Camping, sun, pacat, no shower for days…. Is totally not my thing.

BUT I’m so glad I made it! Some of good moments to be remembered.

Depart from UUM accompanied by Bollywood songs.

Cook using the rangsum tempur.

Our instructor make scrumptious nasi goreng

Unique. Even the tree know how to look stylish. Bangles around the body LOL

Like the old times...

Rafting time… It’s freaking fun!!!I get used to be a VIP and treated like that. I am the queen with five bodyguards on the boat. I feel so English princess style like in the Victorian era. Being escorted. *blow nails*

Thanks. You berjasa so much!

Goodbye Sedim

Three days two nights in Sedim.

– jungle trekking
– night walk
– abseiling
– water confidence
– water rafting
– canoeing
– berendam dalam air sungai yang sejuk jam 7 pagi sebab lambat bangun tidur… Hehe

Side activities:
– cook in-the-jungle style
– Malam Mesra
– friendship bonding time
– buang pacat
Go do something new while you are young. Go build your confidence level and do something extreme. If we afraid the moment today, we will not gain the sweet experience tomorrow.

Sedim is located in Kedah, Malaysia. The place is very very very nice. There is one big waterfall but I don’t have a chance to capture the moment because we go trekking with bare hands. It’s very nice and the water is cold like a melting ice.

I am looking forward to visit that place again with family. December is durian season! The Sedim team invite me to go there this December and eat durian!!!

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