I am so disappointed with KFC today. Merajuk tak mau singgah sebulan.

Just imagine I am so freaking hungry and I don’t grab dinner yet… So I queued up for quite a while and when my turn to get served, the chicken is finished.

What the fish.

I don’t blame them. Seriously, what for? Dah ayam tu nak habis, takkan nak suruh mak ayam bertelur yang baru pulak?

But the thing that makes me really ‘heartbroken’ is they let us queueing for a while and just tell us when we appear in front of the counter. C’mon la! Setelah penat lelah berdiri lama dengan muka tahan lapar.

Maybe they assume the customers can see the chicken is finished already. And that is the reason why God gives us brains, to think wise and well. Dah ayam habis, go away la.

But we, the customers assume that your staff is going to top up the chickens. It makes sense what. You go top up your chickens at 10 o’clock. Tomorrow is Hari Raya, don’t tell me you keep the other chickens to slay it for korban.

Anyways, I don’t blame KFC. I just too upset and a bit angry with the manager. You should know how to manage your restaurant. And as a manager, you should know how to budget the quantity of chickens during the Eid season.

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