Is getting awkward. My tongue cannot function well anymore.

It’s been a serious long time I don’t speak in English. I rarely speak that language actually because now I am surrounded with the funnest Malay people. If I switch to English language with them, I guess no one will answer me. I will be that neglected girl forever. Hahaa.

Last few years, I had many chances to speak in English especially when my boyfriend cannot speak in Malay. English words are so easy coming out from my mouth.

Today, that language is no longer okay with my tongue. I feel hesitate, lost confident to speak. I will be like errr…errr…..aha….uhm…ok.

Few minutes ago, I met my Navy senior. She’s Indian and she speaks English with me. Like always, we met at Unicafe. The coolest port ever. The scenery is awesome and full of tenacity.

We met and we talk.

I realize that I use the same words everytime I speak. Literally, my words are not more than 100 vocabs. I know it’s shameful and awful! 😦

So now I am looking forward to have a new friend that can speak English with me like everyday, so that I can get back that language. Who are willing to help me? 🙂

By the way, I am learning Arabic too now. It’s fun and interesting. I missed Arab.

Tomorrow I will borrow books from the library. English books. The books from wyler or something I’m not sure. It has been suggested by my senior. She said the books from that publisher is great!

I know you guys are getting bored to read things from my blog. SAME VOCABS AND BORING. 😛

Till then, I will come out to be better soon. Depend on my hardworkingness. *slap forehead*

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