Hello everyone! How’s your voting thingy in your university? Mine was a bit disappointed because there’s no free ice cream like last year. So stingy lah…. I am so excited to go to the lab for voting event because of the free ice cream. 

There’s so many posters along the way inside the campus. The posters that make this university look horrible. No joke. Since I don’t know anyone that join the election, I just throw a random vote. Eyeing on those who look innocent and muka penuh dengan cahaya keimanan. Done voting in less that one minute.

After voting, me and my friends heading to HEP building to take our KAD DISKAUN SISWA, a useful yet worth card to bring along when you go out for shopping. 

They give us a little discount but so many shops have contributed in this program such as KFC, bookstores, MyDin and many more. One more thing, Firefly offers you 50% discount. Don’t you think you should fly somewhere then?