A senior year, brand new one. I thought this year is going to be so much fun. Being a senior means less work. Bahagia. But out of nowhere, new responsibilities are waiting.

I don’t know whether it is something great or worst, but my friends are the one who responsible for my selestion. They said they trust me that I can do it…but deep in my heart, I am so reluctant.

Being a rank holder means I cannot join in the club. Haha…I suppose to stand outside the box, alone. It’s not fun?

That morning, mom is the first people on earth congratulate me. I feel so glad and maybe mom is proud with me. Friends also keep on supporting me and they just been so great friends to me.

I am ready for the new responsibility. Ready to face any obstacles in the future. I do this because of the people that put their trust on me. Work is work. Make up still will be on my face haha.