It’s an honor to me when someone who you met last few years still remember you when you passing by on the hallway.

Especially if it is your lecturer. A gorgeous one.

Today morning I am in hurry, rushing to the class because I’m five minutes late. Like always when you’re in the university, wedges or heels doesn’t work for you because you know you need to squeeze your body to get into the bus. And that is the reason why I’m late today.

Walking by the Language Building, I see my gorgeous ex lecturer and I kinda greet her ‘Puan’ with a bit bowing like Japanese babe…haik..haik..

Unexpectedly she stopping by and say ‘Atirah isn’t?’.

I was like….. Speechless. Because I am one of her fans. I was the one who stalk her lecturer from facebook. And today she remembers me and that is something special to be remembered.

No matter where you go, try to be bold and brave yourself to be aloud so that people can remember you, Have a little positive interaction when you mix around with people and spread the positive energy. People will love you then.