1. Nosey relatives that stalk you on Facebook/Twitter then tell the family about how much you swear.
  2. People who make up rumors.
  3. Jealousy.
  4. Two-faces people.
  5. Backstabber.
  6. People who only talk about themselves and THEIR problems.
  7. The one who always think I should only listen to them.
  8. People eating with their mouths open. I will, hit you.
  9. I hate noisy eaters.
  10. Stupid Requests.
  11. Those people who just judge you, when the only thing they know about you is your name.
  12. Closed minded people.. Live.A.Little.Expand.
  13. Slow internet.
  14. people who say ‘guess what!’ And then they’re like ‘actually no can’t say…’
  15. how 162 people were killed by Assad regime thugs in Syria today. Can Assad just die already?
  16. That awkward moment when someone tries to correct you on something you clearly know more about.
  17. People who make themselves feel good by making others feel bad.
  18. Waiting for a bus.
  19. 24/7 negative people.
  20. friends who can’t keep your secrets.
  21. people who are disloyal.
  22. Someone tries covering up something when i know the truth.
  23. Shady people. Get out from underneath that shade tree and put some sunshine in your life.
  24. People telling me the same thing again and again . Its like , I heard you the first time.
  25. people who constantly talk bad about people.
  26. You who try to use me. You know you never can.
  27. Sabotage.
  28. Good foods playing on my mind and I know I can’t have it.
  29. Diet.
  30. Timeline.
  31. complainers.
  32. when people bug me to do things for them.
  33. Constantly sms-ing.
  34. Hot weather.
  35. People mumbling.
  36. Sleepless.
  37. Stupid friend who think I’m also stupid like them.
  38. Kaki kikis / kaki bodek.
  39. Schedule.
  40. People who pretending to be good/ to care. It’s so eww.
  41. Friends who leave stupid comments on my post.
  42. Women who think they’re more religious and nagging me to put down my pictures on facebook. Telling me this is okay and this is not okay. You mind your own business. Fankkkksss.
  43. Woman who merengek a lot. Buat suara gedik-gedik mengada. Suara minta kaki.
  44. People visiting me at night.
  45. Cats and mosquitoes.
  46. Orang yang kuat merajuk.
  47. Chatting via social networks. Hate it, seriously!
  48. Lies.
  49. Over sensitive person.
  50. People use my things without asking. That’s rude!