1. to be loved by HIM and His prophet.
  2. to eat anything and everything I want and not gain weight.
  3. to live a life where money is not an issue.
  4. that everyone I hate in the world magically disappear.
  5. to surround myself by positive people and people who care and aren’t fake.
  6. to be more patient.
  7. to update my wardrobe every week.
  8. unlimited shopping sprees.
  9. endless closet space.
  10. to wake up with perfect hair & makeup.
  11. Starbucks to deliver.
  12. a male best friend.
  13. to fast forward or rewind to be where I want to be in life, at any time.
  14. no need to wake up early morning.
  15. to be forever young.
  16. mom only loves me in this world.
  17. never know ignorant people.
  18. UUM to have a good road or facilities for high heels students.
  19. don’t need to go to class to sit for exam, and easily get A.
  20. for my anxiety to go away completely.
  21. can cook like a pro.
  22. have a good relationship with my future MIL.
  23. there’s no more test/exam/or any question write on white paper where we must answer it *wishinghopingdreaming*.
  24. that class get cancelled tomorrow and every tomorrow.
  25. not anyone notice me when I walk in public.
  26. to be the reason people’s around me to smile.
  27. To travel, and experience the world as much as I am able to.
  28. Racism go away completely.
  29. Have my own beach mansion with private jet.
  30. to be a well-known hijabi.
  31. to be respectful.
  32. may all the playboys and suckers vanish forever.
  33. to open my fridge and find all my favourite food.
  34. to be loved by a really great man, great in every aspect.
  35. to have my own DSLR, MACBOOK and  any other cool gadgets.
  36. that I could sing really good like Agnes Monica.
  37. to be in heaven after I die.
  38. to have a speedy grow shining hair.
  39. can read people’s mind.
  40. to repay my parents for everything they have done for me.
  41. more long holidays.
  42. upgrade my make up skills.
  43. perfect university life.
  44. my old friends never forget me.
  45. my silent readers love me.
  46. to be the best auntie ever.
  47. to have my perfect wedding with a perfect partner.
  48. to be able to go out without taking permission.
  49. no more struggling pain.
  50. no jealousy feeling.
  51. have a long weekend.
  52. may time fly so fast when I’m in lecture hall.
  53. witness the sunrise everyday.
  54. not understand what’s laziness.
  55. go to Europe.
  56. can figure out what’s inside the pyramid.
  57. roses never withered.
  58. unlimited phone battery.
  59. more space in life.
  60. worry about nothing.
  61. to have a fast metabolism forever.
  62. to clear the air with anyone who has tension with me or vise versa.
  63. have a wardrobe room sized.
  64. to speak Arabic and Brit accent.
  65. muster up enough courage to confront dumbasses.
  66. great wish to be as an entrepreneur.
  67. wish I had a secret suitcase with the same amount of money every time I opened it.
  68.  lifetime stock of Nutella.
  69. to have never been cheated on.
  70. get promoted/recognized so easy.