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Moots will tie the knot soon, very soon!

Stop heartbreaking bimbos. I’m joking!

One more cousin is getting married soon, and going to give us one more baby and making this Mak Long *so tak glemer you olz* look old, feel old. Terharu.

I feel so honored to do a bit touch up on her face in conjunction with her special day. So terharu u olz. But then, she comes out with a very long list of demand. Nak dagu macam SITI NURHALIZA, kening macam NORA DANISH, tudung macam IRMA HASMIE, hidung mancung tajam macam AISHWARYA RAI… pastu google search ‘mekap tunang Umie Aida’.

So last minute punya work.

Maaf. Sungguh terharu dengan kualiti kamera. Our professional photographer didn’t arrived yet. Semua nak sabotage cik dara.

During the engagement day and days before, so many bad things had happened.

  • the fan produce an irresistible sound.
  • my mom do something with the sliding door next to pelamin.
  • it was raining during the engagement day, we never welcomed the rain for ages, and it comes on the very special day.
  • chef macaroons baru nak tengok resipi dekat google pagi hari bertunang tuh.
  • jurugambar baru bangun tidur time anak dara dah siap mekap.

Sungguh kesian. So bare with my cheapest Nikon first.

Rombongan tiba.

Can you see? Beza gila kualiti kamera we olz. This photos are taken by a professional photographer who has million skills and so artsy. Hebat gila kan? Sejak hari itu, I mula pandang rendah dekat kebolehan kamera I. Bad quality.

Kakak Juju kata “bila la turn I nih?” huhuhuhu.

Pastu turn anak dara yang masih dara lagi pulak untuk bergambar u olz.

Pandai tak I cari port yang cool? Next to the bride u olz. *blow nails* Hahaha. Oh tak semua anak dara di sini. Yang baju hijau tu dah tak dara. Taken and married already.

I am attracted with these two beranak. Their outfit are so drop dead gorgeously matched with the pelamin. Pastel.

Spotted at the back. haha so romantic u olz. Kau ada?

Syok dia berangan nak naik pelamin. Huhuhu.

And at night, I bring these two kids to my auntie’s house. Two minutes of walking. I love baby Nuha so much. She’s juicy. Her skin is soo sooooo sooo smooth soft squeezy. Most importantly, she’s not mengada like my brother. She’s sooooo goooood. I love her brazillion timesss.


That’s it for now.

Anyways, last minute works are so much fun and more exciting. You must know something, spontaneous things are the best thing ever.