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I’m no longer a teenager. When I was a kid, I really wish to grow up so fast to be an adult. So that I can wear high heels and make ups to class. I bet you too, isn’t?

But the fact of being an adult is not so much fun and I don’t expect this can be so terrible like this…For instance, the ticket for adults is double as compared to kids. This can make me so near-to-impossible to enter the great LEGOLAND! Stupid excuse.

10th August is my birthday and I am one year older than last year. Proud that I am increasing my maturity level, maybe. However, the pigmentations and tiny wrinkles always spoil my mood. I am feeling the vibe of being the true adult. 😀

Anyways, thanks for the birthday wishes. Wherever, whenever you are…I truly deeply loving all of you. I appreciate every single of you that ever appear in my life, including you guys who lives on the other part of the globe.

Thanks for your lovely wishes, friends. I cannot put all your wishes here and that doesn’t mean I don’t love you okay. I love you so longgar-longgar. 😀

And the super long funny ass wishes is definitely from MIMOS my Navy girlfriend. Maybe I will print your messages and put it in the frame. Special from Thailand muahaha.

Last but not least, thanks to my mom for celebrating my birthday. I am 21 already and you still buy me a cute cake. That makes me feel soooo blushing hahaha. Couldn’t control my macho anymore. Nasib baik tak letak nama atas kek. You know why I only have four candles on my cake? That’s because mom tak sampai hati to tell the bakery girl that her kid is 21 years already. 😛