1. Slow internet connection.
  2. That fake conversation before they ask you for something.
  3. “I have to tell you something” … “Nevermind”
  4. Backstabber.
  5. Girls who make a duck face in her every pictures.
  6. When I’m using my phone and someone decides to stare at my screen… I’m not hiding anything, it’s just annoying.
  7. Being compared to other people. I am like no other, so please!
  8. Not having anything decent to wear but you’ve got like a wardrobe full of clothes but you just don’t like them anymore.
  9. People who assume things before asking.
  10. Waiting.
  11. When you talk to someone and they ignore everything you said, replying with something about themselves.
  12. Game notifications on Facebook.
  13. Waking up early.
  14. Hungry.
  15. When people bring up the past.
  16. Liar.
  17. Fake love.
  18. Half time friends.
  19. Examinations.
  20. Hot and wet temperature.