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I hardly wake up early morning…especially at home. Some other good girl will be waking up early morning, breathe fresh air, gardening *do people gardening at 7 a.m??* preparing breakfast and sort of other good housework thingy.

Me waking up at 6.50 a.m praying fajr and continue sleeping until I feel tired of sleeping.  I am the one who has been kicked out from the house since my early teen age. hahaha relax dude. My mom don’t hate me that much. I only spend few precious lazy times at home. the rest, I spend outta house, enjoying my teen life at the other part of my evacuated world, which is I hate the most.

My uncle came back with his little kids. Muahaha…I like kids but I prefer kids who aren’t able to be talking yet. Not like my niece, she talks every single seconds. And I almost die with her.  ^___^

My uncle and his wife left two little not-brat-at-all kids at home. And I was like awwwww those little pumpkins will be under my care! Taking care of my uncle’s kids is so much fun and relaxing, but not with my little brother. He drives me nuts, seriously!

Three of them are so much fun to play with. Just put them at the hall and you can freely do whatever you desire. They will not bothering you because they’re suffocated with tons of toys. I see the toys are quite boring but I can’t understand why they seem to extra enjoy it like entirely too much.

My brother make the hall look soooo horrible. His toys are everywhere and I can’t even see the tiles anymore. Okay, I exaggerate a bit. I being so nice to clean the mess up after they done playing but after a while, they came back and make toys party again…

so I put them in a luggage and about to ship them back to Thailand. muahahaha… serve em right.

And this little Nuha is soooo adorable. Don’t you think she has a Justin Beiber’s girly hair???

These kids seem to enjoy so much being with me. I allow them to do whatever they want at home, as long as they don’t bother me harm themselves. They also play games. I’ve found out so many cute games. My little brother showed me. You guys can check it out too, of course for your kids.



she’s soo funny and cute. While playing games, she goyang-goyang kaki macam tengah swimming….kiyuuut. kalau boleh kepala tu nak masuk dalam screen la….punya la teruja main game.

Ni baru ja menang main game. Syiokkk baq ank…


orang buat ‘peace’ dia pun nak buat juga…You know your little kids aren’t able to peace-ing their fingers.. I noticed it from my lil brother. And I just realized that we’re born without knowing how to monitor our fingers automatically. We need practice. Ingatkan keluar-keluar perut ja boleh buat jari ‘pishhh’ terus.

Macam minah rempit…Rock baq ank…syok ja abang amsyar kena peluk dengan adik nuha. muahahaha….dia punya tonggek memang dahsyat…

soooo shweeeet.


The kids nowadays grow up so fast.

While babysit them, I noticed that I am so not skillful in handling kids. Skill in feeding them, skill in making them not shouting in the house, skill in persuading them to sleep so that you can grab back your freedom. Sooooo soooooo many lah… The reason why I shouldn’t have to think about marriage yet.