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People Women love gossip. Like seriously, we really enjoy the gossip session. Somehow it is like a therapy to get unwind. When a bunch of girls are gathering at one place, they will accumulate hot stories and making fun of others. It’s fun you know, in case if you never gossiping on others. Naaa, don’t you think you’re lying if you say you never gossiping? Either it is a direct gossip or an indirect gossip. You still did it. *Smirk*


But do we ever think if we are the one who is being the victim of those gossip girls? People make fun of us, spreading our negative stories to public and make us look like a total dumb. Oh my english! That is so so soo embarrassing and bloody hurt.

Then why we still enjoy gossiping about others while we know it might hurt people’s feeling? In fact, we are all human beings who’s never excepted from making mistakes and we have the same kind of feeling. Everybody dislikes when people interfere their personal life or spreading news of their ‘accidentally’ wrongdoings to others. So why we bother gossiping? Yet, gossip is still exciting to me and the girls. We don’t read newspaper, we hear gossip.  -__-

Actually, I need friends at home. I’m home since four days. Life is no fun without friends. No friends, no gossip. No gossip, no news. No news, no knowledge. No knowledge, no attraction. No attraction, no friends. No friends, no gossip. And the cycle keep rotating.