You know your life is nothing without friends. Friends are one of the most influential person in our life. I am so lucky because I have great friends in this great place.

My Navy friends. They are not only close friends of mine, but they’re also my siblings. Great siblings from different parents. Sometimes we fight with each other…but our fight will not last forever.

Since we’ve been separated and live million miles away from each other, we rarely meet up and have fun together. Before this, we went for dinner together, do crimes together, gossiping and make sins together…since we live apart, those fun is no longer exist.

So we had met the solution. BBQ party! Trust me this kind of activities is so beneficial especially to those who value their friendship and trying to make it full of excitement, trying hard to keep it alive and spark it with a love.

What will you get from this BBQ friends gathering?

1) Strengthen your friendship.

2) Create beautiful memories with friends.

3) See who is bad worst in the kitchen *mostly the criteria is on me -___-*

4) See who has the power to burn the charcoal.

5) See who is so greedy when it comes to foods.

6) Gossiping.

7) Make confession about your personal matter – in our case, we digging stories about our friends’ partners. and only HAHA AMI is single. Anyone?

8) Work in team and bully the weak.  😀

The party is really worth it and waste money is not longer make sense.


Gambar hiasan semata-mata.

Twelve ladies and one boy.

We start to burn the charcoal at 6 p.m and its only work at 8 p.m. Two hours needed to set up the fire. This is what happened if you just have one boy in your intake…and this is why we begging many people to join ROTU NAVY next semester. Please don’t betray ladies. We don’t deserve to do men thing. Unfair and miserable.

Menus of the night.

1) Chickens

2) Cockles *we bought 3 kilos and 1 kilo is in my tummy  (*__*) *

3) Sausages

4) Burgers

5) Corns

6) Kek batik (that one we don’t roast it there la)

7) Snacks *no one touch or even has a glance on it*

8) Sarsi

All proteins that night and our arms show the difference. *it’s growing well and look like Malik Noor a bit lah* The foods are seriously so so sooo delicious. Thanks to our chef for that night. Uchuk, my best friend and pelakon sampingan yang lain….hewhewhew.

In a nutshell, *chewahhh macam buat essay gittuew* try to make time and do gathering with your friends. It’s really worth it and fun. You can’t buy this beautiful memories with your friends from any shop, except you’re the one who create the memories. Hurry up, get all your friends and do something fun together. Time is precious, as precious as you are!