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Dealing with kids ain’t that easy peasy squezy cheesy. Seriously.

So mom went out with grandma, and I’m the queen at home. Unfortunately I have two little kids at home, who is so horrible. I means seriously naughty naughty. And they cannot shut their mouth even one minute. Trust me. Thought I can be a queen, all people MUST listen to me when mom’s outside but things go other way round. They bully me first.

They can’t sit down and shut their mouth. Never in a second. They will change their game every five minutes. They get bored so easy. BTW they don’t know how to walk properly. If they want to go to one place to another, they will run. Run is healthy for health, I know, but run with their mouth hu ha hu ha is not healthy for my ears and head. Please understand old people, youngsters. 😀

They love make up as I do. That’s good. So I use make-up tools to fish them. Hopefully they’ll be nice and good to me and most importantly, they will listen to me. Like a boss. *blow nails*

So I went to my room and took my cheapest make up because I know they might ruin up my make up later on. Even though it’s cheap, the price is still 50 bucks, my one-month-diet-in-university-cost-of-living. I was so afraid and hesitate to show my make up to them. Their hands are like crocodile. So harsh. Ngaaap. But I have no choice, otherwise they will do something else which is more risky.

Okay. Now I have my make ups and two naughty kids in front of me. One little girl and one little boy. The girl want to look like a princess. And the boy….want to look like BEN 10. How BEN 10 look like, people?!

So I decided the little girl can be like butterfly ballerina…and the little boy with printed leopard make up.

Take a deep breath and scroll down carefully.

Let me introduce you to my party people….

My little brother and my niece.

Tak cool la kalau berposing dalam rumah saja kan? Haruslah gedik-gedik kat luar rumah sama…

After done posing next to that limited edition flower in the house *bunga harum sundal malam* , they plucked it. I was so shocked and so speechless. These kids are so mean to that limited edition flower. Dah la payah nak berbunga, hampa boleh pi cabut??? So so naughty. Lucky them for not born as Moots’ kids. Otherwise, I die.

After few minutes, they quickly change their activities. My brother saw a ball and he said he wanna play ball. And my niece saw her Mak Su baking cake in the kitchen. They quickly change their games, I told ya.

I have to accompany this brat boy to play outside.

And my niece is safely inside helping her Mak Su baking a cake.

It is undeniable that they are holy cute. But you need to think twice if you want to kidnap them. You can’t bully them because they will bully you first. I swear. Hyper kids for sell. Dua seringgit…dua seringgit…

My arts on their face.

So my niece’s mummy came to pick her. And her mummy was like “Awww this is sooo beautiful. Cepat ambil phone tangkap gambar nak Whatsapp kat auntie.” Hewhewhew… Terima kasih. Pujian anda sangat dihargai. Saya mula kembang.


Thanks for reading. 😀