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I have two blogs, two twitters, two facebooks. 


Does it mean I also have two personality?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Some people might wondering why people create two accounts? WHY.

In my point of view, I make two different accounts for purpose.

For facebook,

1) Privacy concern

As a young woman, I am looking for a freedom to say whatever cross in my mind. Upload photos and share good times with people is fun. But I don’t have to publish my private photos for those who don’t deserve to see that especially random men. So, the second account is so helpful to me. That was my first purpose when I created the new account. I think this point cannot be used anymore. I do upload photos in both accounts BTW. 😀

2) Women talks

I welcomed only sisters in my new account. In my private account, I usually communicate with the sisters in Islam, exchanging knowledge about many things mainly the women tips. Sometimes I stalking them, exploring and cherish their beauty life. From that, I can see many kind of people from different walks of life. It is such a great experience and it is such an eye opener. Allah is great. He created many beautiful ladies; some is beautiful with brain, but some aren’t. Unfortunately.

I know facebook has a great privacy setting. I just simply can adjust it according to what I desire. As long as it is free, I think I can afford to make two accounts. Right? LOL.


For Twitter,

Nothing personal.

I used to adore twitters long time ago. But I don’t think having such great number of followers is a great idea for me. I may say something that will create a big issue. And people will judge me, that’s typical. Even in my facebook, some of my close friends simply judge me, even they know me for years, they still have a bad thinking about me. Lack of understanding in friendship is usually annoying and drive me to nerves. 


This is my first account on Twitter, created since my fabulous years with Myspace. *I just remember that I have one Myspace account!*

Hello, Myspace! What’s up?! No. Im not ignoring you. I just too busy fixing stupid timeline. 😦


And this is my new Twitter. Not so new, as I created it last year and newly active with it since early of June this year. Please notice I just have 10 followers! hehehe. With this new account, I talking crap no more. Just beautiful wisdom words. 😀 And for your information, I follow only ladies so far. I just know something; my interest is stalking on other beautiful ladies.

-___- They are such an inspirations! 


Regarding my blogs, I already have found the solution. 


WordPress will be my official blog in English version.


Blogspot will be my official blog in Malay version.

Mostly Malaysian people read Malay blog. It is more easy and understandable. But I can’t neglect my friends who don’t understand Malay. My international friends, brothers and sisters. With that, my mom also can be able to see my writing in English, still, and be proud of my Malay writing skills. 😀

With that, I thank you.