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…because I have two blogs now. WordPress and Blogspot. Both are awesome. I started blogging with Blogspot. Everything started from there. I mean Blogspot is so part of me. But I cannot leave WordPress as it is so beautiful and impressive.

I don’t know what should I do with two blogs.

Should I delete one of them? Sounds impossible!

Or maybe should I copy and paste every new post so that both blogs will have the same new post? It’s lame, I know.

Hmmm maybe I can categorize the things to be posted from these two different blogs based on my interest which is my daily life and fashion.

I don’t think talking about daily life is a good idea since my life is quite boring. I undergo almost the same routine everyday. Sleep and eat is the major thing I do. What should I speak about sleep? How I sleep? My sleep position everyday? Naa. Fashion blog? haha it is crazy since I am not so fashionable and my sense of fashion is quite nothing.

Posting about quotes or nice saying? Ermmm I already have it on Tumblr.