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1) Sister-from-different-parents

A kind of friend who:

  • it’s okay to fart in front of.
  • you don’t mind talking to on the bus for at least 20 minutes.
  • can borrow $5 and never has to pay it back.
  • it is not a wasting time to be on phone for hours; gossiping.
  • the one who honestly tell you your ugly truth, the one who dare to say “Hey, you look fat! Do something, elephant!
  • you’ll actually call up do stuff.


2) Partner-in-crime

A good friends who get in trouble together or get each other in trouble and laugh about it. Someone you can depend on to help you get shit done! Partner in crime is the one who will be behind you, hold the guns and ask where’s the moron? instead of are you okay?


3) Buddy

A friend who know you but not very well. They know your name but not your blood type. Know your hobby but not your habits. Know you have foods in your drawer but never ask to get some. They have special boundaries between you and them. Limitation exist.


4) Frienemy

Look awesome from the front, but smell like rubbish from behind. Someone who knows little thing about you but having too much to say. They call you friend, being nice in front of you but stabbing you from behind. They actually a kind of parasite. They friends with you because they need something. Maybe they envy you, or maybe you are awesome overloads!

So what kind of friends you keep in your pockets? People, be careful with who you friends with.

Thanks for reading 🙂