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Moots and make up is just like a bestfriend. I love make up like entirely too much. I don’t mind about the brand or price, but I am more easy to fall in love with make up that really made-for-me!

Here is some of my make up assets πŸ™‚

So far, this is my top favorite pallete that I adore so much. Sayang nak guna. Takut nanti cepat habis. I love the colors, but it is definitely not suitable to rocking it on to the class. Lecturers will go mad, I swear.

I wear make up depend on the suitable time and place. To be more accurate, I am lazy to spend more time on make up during the week days as I am rushing to class. Oh well, a wake-up-late people always don’t have enough time for make up. So, I just make it simple to go to class.

I must put something on my face before I go out or I will look like a dead corpse for the whole day long. I have a pale face, so I have no other option. πŸ™‚

To class:

– Compact powder

– Lipgloss

– Mascara

– Eyebrow liner

– Eyeliner (sometimes)

and I just get everything done in just five minutes.

To dinner and party:

– Concealer

– Foundation

– Eyebrow liner

– Lip liner

– Lipstick

– Lip gloss

– Eyeliner

– Fake eyelashes

– Blusher

– Eye shadow

and I ended up at least one hour to get it done!

A must thing to have inside my handbag is my lipgloss and compact powder. I usually bring it everywhere I go. And a must thing to wear before I go out is eyebrow liner and compact powder.

What abut you girls?