It wasn’t the fame that he’s looking for, but he is trying to fulfill his loved one’s greatest wish to come true…

This is a great love and a truly heartbreaking story. 

Who can expect this ten years relationship will be ended like this?

Chadil Deffy, or Deff Yingyuen, expressed his deep love and devotion for his lifeless girlfriend, Sarinya or Anne Kamsook. Deff had announced the event on his Facebook page, inviting his friends to a wedding-funeral rite for his long term girlfriend at a temple in Surin. A photo of Chadil, dressed in a black suit, putting a ring on Sarinya’s finger, spread quickly across the web where more than 50,000 users left prayers, condolences and sympathy messages through social networks and Youtube.

Deffy and Kamsook had been together for 10 years. The couple intended to marry but according to Deffy, the wedding was postponed because of busy schedules and his decision to go on with his studies before settling down in a marriage with Sarinya.

Sarinya was killed in a car crash on New Year Eve. Following the car incident the girl was severely injured. She was rushed to the hospital but the ICU was overcrowded. Instead of taking her to another hospital, the emergency staff allegedly waited 6 hours….and during that time she passed away.

The most tragic marriage. He married his dead girlfriend today, and then he had to bury her days after.

Who knows this beautiful woman has a very sad ending love story…

Rest in peace, Sarinya Anne Kamsook.

Moral of the story:

  • Appreciate the one who you love.
  • Never break their heart.
  • Never postpone your marriage 🙂