Penang Hill is one of Penang island’s featured attractions. Well known for its cool and fresh climate from the tropical heat of George Town, it is a popular holiday retreat to the locals as well as tourists. Penang Hill is also known for its magnificently spectacular panoramic view of George Town, the mainland, the Penang Bridge and the Straits of Malacca which can be viewed from the Penang Hill Summit.

Last few weeks, me and my Navy friends climbed up the hills. And I swear the road is super steep…45 degree and 90 degree. You can’t imagine how much degree we have to bent our body in order to survive. Monkeys are everywhere. Dogs running after their owner and pee everywhere. I cannot go la.

And some of us have to walk like this. Hehe… As we can’t go up by the railway, so we had invented our own railway. A very special limited edition yaww.

And after we arrived at one point, we looked back and found out that our coach was left at the back. We are so damn worried and freaked out all the way! Where is she? Of course at the back. So when we caught the man cycling uphill, we stopped him and asked “Did you see any lady at the back?

He smiled and said “Yes…yes

Thank God…

Is she still far?!” one of my friends asked that man. He hesitated to go down and seek my coach. I understand if he thinks twice to go down again as we arrived there like half die.

What I like the most about Malaysia is their amazing super green forest. The scenery is so beautiful and full of tenacity. The air is clean and fresh. I can hear birds singing, and also some other wild animals that live in the jungle. I am so captivated!

After passing through few stages and few hours of journey, we finally found this!

….and all of us is deadly think that we almost there!!! I am so happy and I just can smell the ais kacang at the top of the hill. But the fact is we are not even closer to the middle of the hill. I was so disappointed and I almost stop the car that passing through the road and begged to have a ride. 😦

Psychology is very important though. After two hours and fifteen minutes, we finally arrived. You can’t imagine how happy I am because I think I can’t meet my family anymore after that day. I am super dehydrated and almost die. hehehe. Kidding.

Me and my girls were so happy that we lost few kilos after climbing the super steep hill. But the happiness is not last just like that. We ate in earnest, like we never met food in our entire life.

The food was scrumptious except their char koey tiaw… It sucks big time. Char koey tiaw Changloon juga yang terbaik.

Spot me!


Thanks for reading! 😀