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27th April is a Navy Day! And it’s time to go to Penang again.

Night before the actual event, we are struggling to shine our shoes. And you think it’s easy peasy as ABC? You’re wrong! I am the first person who gave up so easy on that night. Look, her shoes are so shiny like my oily skin. pfft.

My beloved intake. We aren’t in a complete strength yet. Oh yea, even though we’re in a complete strength, we still have ONLY one man and that is soooo sad!!! Since he is the only man, he act like a BIG BOS all the times…and we’re like errrr excuse me??! Talk to my hands.

My juniors

And the things that makes me look jakun enough is…


touchscreen babe! macam iPad u’Olz tuh…

Kau cakap kau nak apa? Minyak cap kapak pun ada beb! And yeah, it’s coke. But I don’t buy that. I want to stop drinking coke because it’s not good for my health. I am afraid of diabetes. People, maybe its just a hearsay but is it true that coke contain alcohol?!


Thanks for reading 😀