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This week is such a crazy week ever because it’s a due date for assignments to be submitted…and I have tons that I haven’t done yet! *blowing nails, saying it proudly*  And this time also I choose to update my blog. Always be my perfect time to update my blog on my busy days. The times when we have many important things to do, but we more prefer to make something that is less important. Typical.

I dig my folders and I found last week pictures. It’s Arabic Cuisine from UUM Hospitality and awesome overloads! Seriously they use beras panjang. Standard ISO 9001. 😀


1) Fattoush (a Lebanese salad)

The primary ingredient in fattoush are radish, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, onion, sumac, mint, pita, salt, olive oil, lemon juice. Yes I know it is very few in the pictures as it has been made by Malaysian and Malaysian also want to eat this…Since we have a tiny body (excluding me fat ass) so we just need a small amount of salad.

The original fattoush look like this:



2) Chicken Kofta or meatball


Main Course:

3) Mandy Rice + Arabic Grilled Garlic Chicken



4) Muhallabia + Strawberry  (Arabic milk pudding)


5) Coffee or Tea. Mine is coffee but I was in hurry and I don’t even touch the coffee… Terkilan sampai mati~


Thanks for reading! 😀