Happy birthday boo! Yaaaay you old. You grow more wrinkles on your face today. I am so proud of it! 😀

In conjunction with your birthday celebration, I wanna make a wish wishes. My wishes sound like this cha:

  • May you always be happy and stay blessed in whatever you do in your life and of course I will not allow you to be happy when we’re fighting.
  • I hope you will be more healthier and you can run 2.4km without fears.
  • Also I wish you to gain more lucks and prosperity in your 21 years of life.
  • May you have a successful life after graduate from this university.
  • May my name listed in your bridesmaids list. (take note this, I really mean it!)
  • May you become firm in your deen, Inshallah.
  • And most importantly, be my sister forever. 😀

Even though you are taller than me, but I’ve made it to make myself look taller than you in this picture. Hehe.

I lap you, cha!