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Gossip and girls can never be separated. It’s like fashion and designer, singer and songwriter, cadet and coach. Gossip and girls are just bestfriends.

Gossip is a kind of an exaggeration or fabrication of a story, regarding somebody other than the tale bearer, in the absence of this person who is being discussed – for the malicious purpouse of demeaning, slandering or tarnisging this person’s reputation.


I know boys are wondering why girls love gossiping like entirely too much. There’s no minute where girls don’t spread interesting news when they’re together.

Why women gossip-ing?

  • You can gain tons of new information and you can claim yourself as a knowledgeable person.
  • Gossip is a medium for rumors or a real truth to spread faster than what you can get from the newspaper or facebook timeline.
  • A kind of therapy and it’s proven!
  • Alternative way to say “I don’t like him/her” to your gossip mates.

I met my evergreen bestfriends and we had a great reunion and for sure we’ve been gossiping a lot! Oh mannnn, we’re women! HAHAHA. It’s been many years we don’t have a chance to meet up and have a girls talk. So when the times come, we open our own 555 books and start to discussing about old and latest cool news. We don’t have intention to hurt anyone, but we are sharing information 😀 . Excuse us if you’re in the list of 555.

Taman Jubli Emas

What makes the reunion so special is we have foods! Anis brings popia goreng and sandwich (seriously her sandwich is the best and popia goreng is marvelous!). Hayati comes with cendawan goreng and that’s everyone’s favorite! Noni pun tak mau kalah. She brings cookies and it’s my favorite. And I bring Black Forest cake (ants’ favorite) I don’t know from where on grass the ants came. Pffft!.

One of the hot topics is the hottest friends on facebook. I mean who is grow up as a beautiful butterfly since we left the secondary school. Dulu-dulu masa dekat sekolah, kecomelan kurang terserlah. Tapi sekarang, phewwww! Macam Aishwarya Rai pun ada.

I heard my current friends’ old friends are already get engaged, married and even have babies. But I don’t heard my own old friends who’s married yet. Bila lagi kawan-kawan?

P/S: Thanks to ANIS JULIANI AHMAD JAMILI, NURHAYATI ABDULLAH and NUR ZAWANI AHMAD for made my day! Seriously it was great lepak-lepak dengan you olz!

Hang ada?!

Nak thu dina.