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Who said Malaysia doesn’t have a spring season?

Actually we have it! If you have coconut tree behind your house, so don’t question much where the hell the flowers hiding. Okay.

So last few weeks, I walked around my university and for the first time in this semester I spent time in the library. Something to be proud of. Ana maghrura. LOL.  I am so impressed to see many flowers blooming and enchanting the roads in my university.

Berlagak macam tourist, tangkap gambar di sekeliling bandaraya Sintok. 😛


Tips to experience the spring season at your home.

  1. Plant the flowery plants that suit our climate. Kalau tanam pokok bunga lavender, memang tak jadi la… (Eg: Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, Orchids, kemboja…etc.)
  2. Plant overloads. Let it be fluffy when it’s blooming. Let say if you plant Bougainvillea, make sure you tak tanam satu pasu sahaja. Plant it at least 10 pots so that you can feel the awesome-ness when the spring comes.


Thanks for reading! 🙂