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Tudia…Ingatkan baru tiga empat hari tak update blog…rupanya dah seminggu!

Last few days I went to Genting Highlands with my Navy friends. We’re in mid semester break now and one week is not enough btw. We need more, please!

This is my second or third times I’d been there. It is still awesome especially the weather but the price of the stuffs there is super expensive. Doubles or triples of the normal price. It’s crazy!

Since Genting Highlands is a kota keriangan, so we spent time and had fun like crazy. There are many exciting games; indoor and outdoor. Both are alluring! Me and friends go for outdoor games as it is more adventures and cool.

Adventures la sangat. Let’s see what is my adventures activities in Genting Highlands.


Before you say anything, see this nanny. She is so cool. Duduk macam Queen Elizabeth naik kereta kuda. Hehe. I also hesitate to play merry-go-round at first but when I caught her being so cool like that, I was like “Ahaaaaa…cool!”  Then, I terus lompat masuk merry-go-round tu. Bahagia.

Chocolate Wonderland

Nothing inside. Just the beautiful decorations and I feel like I’m in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s amazing!

Elephant Ride (not a real name)

This is the lame one. During the queue, I can see all the adults came along with their kids. I mean ALL. I was like “Can we really ride this?” But I tak pernah kesah…

Eyes of Genting Highlands (also not a real name)

Cawan pusing-pusing / Spinning cup


Is it adventures enough? hehe. I know my games are a bit childish but I seriously have fun with it. Lebih selamat dan terjamin.

Nasib baik la Roller Coaster rosak. If not, my friend will surely drag me there. I tried it before and it was mad. At that time, I just count the time to finish.

There’s one game which is not childish that I had tried; Pirate Ship. Sumpah menyesal. Tengok dari bawah, nampak macam dia hayun slow2…tapi bila naik…. I can feel my heart left at the back. Seriously jantung nak tercabut. So just imagine if I naik the Solero. I bet my heart will be left at the top, and I will come down voiceless.

I am so impressed with these kids. Seronok ja main mini Solero. Yang tengah tu siap tak mau turun lagi.

For a bad luck girl, this game is really not my thing. Since I was born, I never have a good luck to win this game. Paling hebat pun dapat air kotak. Coii.



Thanks for reading 🙂