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Join navy and see the world

I’m kidding for sure.

Most of the people out there might think that Navy is a team which is full of disciplines, strict, naive, lifeless and got tons of nonsense rules… or at least me think that before I joined the navy.

But the actual fact is Navy is super fun! With the navy, I sail the voyage of a real life, been through thick and thin with bestfriends, learn so much things about how to iron your uniform and make a sharp line until you can kill mosquitoes with it, shine the heels and make your heel as your second mirror after your Maybelline’s compact powder *I lied about the shine heels because I got the ever shine heels and I don’t have to work hard for it LOL*, and much more important is I can wake up and take shower at 5 a.m, the thing which is maybe surely impossible for me to do that at home.

Another reason why I love ROTU Navy intake 15 is because I am surrounded with pretty ladies. LOL. And only one cengkerik kumbang. It is just one guy in the team LOL. Not so pathetic but it’s super awesome!

As the appetizer, I begin with a picture of me and Sya Wani, a lady that I love to tease all the times. She is my only lady that can make me feel extremely fun to play around with. I’m sorry if I’m too harsh, but I love you dodol.

Of course the picture is super edited. This year and next year will be my super-hot-tanning skin and I’m not proud of it. =(

I love this picture  =) It’s like I’m explaining something like a pro and that man look like a super good listener and so eager to know about the Navy ships. LOL. But the fact is… I am hiding something. A picture that show me nerdy 100%


Thanks for reading 🙂