How you describe a friend in your life? Is it someone who always hang out with you or someone who is being honest to become your friend, by all means? It is so subjective as many peoples will come up with many kind of perception.

So what about a friend who always being nice in front of you but throw shits behind your back? Is it a friend or a foe? It’s hard to describe that kind of relationshitship. Seriously tell me why that kind of person must exist.

Personally, I don’t have any intention to point this entry to anyone but…siapa makan cili, sila rasa pedasnya.

Usually, it always happened when it comes to men matters. I know it is so disgusting but it is the fact that I have to swallow now. I am facing problems when it comes to friends+men=shits.


Why me?

I don’t know if another girls encountered the same problem as mine but I’ve been facing this kind of affairs like million times! Eh, tak la sampai million, tapi banyak kali juga la…

When I become close with one man, there must be another girl in the middle of us. What makes me sicken to my nerve is the third woman is my own friend. Hey this is so annoying. I don’t feel hurt if I don’t get any man in my life but I am so blast like a bom bom pow when my friends backstabbing me. Why la cha?!

Please don’t betray your friend. It is not nice to hurt someone you claim as your friend and it is more hurt to a friend who is betrayed.

Friends, don’t backstabbing me! Don’t change the way I treat you. Thanks.