…that we have something which is very priceless but unfortunately we always ended up dying for something which is less. Imagine yourself eat via nose, close your eyes like a blind people and walk in the market, and writing using your mouth. It must be hard, very hard.

I have a great conversation with my sisters and a brother yesterday. So the point that I want to drag here is most people don’t appreciate what they have in their life.

Sister A: Mercedes is great. I wish I have one.

Sister B: No. Mercedez nampak tua. Thats for old corporate people. ***** is better. It is very expensive but worth it.

Brother C: ***** is more better. Looking smart blablabla…I will buy it in the future. It is more expensive.

Me: My legs are priceless. You cannot buy it anywhere else.

I know buying cars or even admire some of them is people’s choice. But have we ever noticed that legs seems not so important in our life? I mean, when we lost it, we will start to appreciate it.

Actually, your body is the most priceless precious things that you must appreciate and take a good care for. I have one friend that undergo a surgery for her jaws and because of that, she lost her ability to eat normally for weeks. She just can take liquid and it suffer enough to eat via nose. Since then, she started to appreciate every single things that given by Allah to her.

So the moral of the story is we as a servant of Allah, we must appreciate every single things in our life especially things that He gives to us freely. Not all free things are easy to get.