I seriously had a good time in the Northern University of Malaysia especially with the Navy team. Last week we had a good time; archery. I never had that in my wishlist. Like never ever. But I made it!

Do I look like a toxophilite? toxophilite is an expert in archery btw.

Archery is a beautiful art of propelling arrows with the use of a beautiful bow. Historically, it has been used for hunting or combat *like in the Chronicles of Narnia, I guess* But nowadays, archery is just for a recreational activity. It is amazingly fun. Ignore the annoying sun, of course.

I had achieved the yellow target! Seriously. Even though it is just my lucks, but I feel very happy and smile proudly like my hands are so expert… ceyyyh. But mostly my target was the green one. Yes, green…I mean it was strayed away on the grassland. Pheewww!

So what to expect next? Mau main golf ka menunggang motokuda?