Today is my very first day in this new semester. Alhamdulillah everything is just fine, except the shower room is flooding, and the windows are too direct facing the sunshine at 3pm. That’s not cool.

Since it is my very first day, so I am making my very kencang resolutions for this new semester.

  1. Never skip class… or at least 5 times ponteng kelas for each subjects in this semester. Oppps, siap plan a perfect timing to skip class gitu. Belum apa2 lagi dah fikir nak ponteng. Failed.
  2. Score in every quizzes. Never think “Okay I will do my best in the final exam. No facebook, no blog, no play play…Only study. Focus!” Moots, itu semua dusta.
  3. Iron baju sebelum pergi kelas. One of my bad habits is I hardly iron my clothes. Of course I’m not going to wear baju kedut to the class, and that’s the reason why I wear abaya for the entire week or month. Of course la basuh…
  4. Never postpone any tasks, either it is important or not.
  5. Jogging and swimming at least two times per week.
  6. Make a book space wider than a make up space. Ni rak buku dah jadi macam rak make up…
  7. Laundry every Tuesday or everyday is much better. Never let unwashed clothes bertimbun dalam bilik.
  8. Meet lecturers for every subjects at least one time. My previous target to be done but never get done yet.  Everytime I want to meet the lecturer, I always feel like  “What should I ask? Okay this topic is kinda complicated…but I think I just can google it from the internet or check it from the slides.” And finally, no more appointment with the lecturer has been made. Failed.

So I think it has to be a lot more improvements that need to be taken seriously. I hope this semester will bring me more positive energy, good fortune and His blessing. Inshallah.